10 Memorable Works of Joaquin Phoenix

The Joker is the story of the all-time villain of the DC Universe. At this time it was an unprecedented interpretation and was not associated with any version at all. Which after the movie has been released What gets the most talked about in the movie is the performance of Joaquin Phoenix (Joaquin Phoenix / Joquin Raphael Phoenix), a skilled actor who challenges his skills as the Joker. Which in addition to receiving compliments His role has also earned an award at the Venice Film Festival.


10.) Walk The Line (2005)

This biopic follows country music legend Johnny Cash, a day he peaked before falling from a hurdle to drug addiction, a broken family life. Almost hopeless And speaking of his long-standing relationship with June Carter, who became his friend and lover.
The film was nominated for five Oscars and won three of the Golden Globes. have

9.) You Were Never Really Here (2017)

One of the works that earned him an award at the Cannes Film Festival. He plays a former FBI agent and a skilled ex-soldier who has left freelance. Where he had to work in protecting the senator’s daughter. Leading to a mission that brings haunting memories of his past again

8.) The Master (2012)

The story of the former soldier in World War II. Who based his career as a photographer But his past is still haunted. Until unable to enter society Until the arrival of a psychotherapist named Master has come to him, allowing him to explore his mind again.


7.) Signs (2002)

This breakthrough film mogul M. Night Shyamalan starred in Joaquin with Mel Gibson. When the corn ring happened in their row No one knows how this phenomenon happened. Along with water in various water bodies in the city became dirty for unknown reasons Before there are many strange stories that follow That caused them to encounter strange things unexpectedly


6.) The Sisters Brothers (2018)

The film adaptation of Patrick DeWitt’s novel, Jake Gyllenhal stars, and he and John C. Reilly play the two thief brothers. With a plan to hunt a man, a gold explorer


5.) The Gladiator (2000)

The film is awarded five Oscar and three Golden Globes, starring Russell Crowe, and Joaquain plays Emperor Commodus. That played villain until it became one of the roles that he remembered in his acting

4.) Hotel Rawanda (2004)

The movie, based on real events, is a genocide between the two tribes of Tutsi and Hutu, where the center tells the protagonist who turned the hotel into a hideout. And do everything in order not to kill the place His role is a regular white reporter who is involved in this incident.


3.) The Immigrant (2013)

The movie tells about the year 1921, when Poland was heated up with war. Families lose their homes in the war, and the brothers, Eva and Magda, must decide to flee their ruined hometown to America in the hopes of a peaceful new life. The path of life is not as simple as you think. Joaquain’s role is Bruno (Waquine Phoenix), a criminal who deceives her into a prostitute.


2.) Joker (2019)

One of the most popular roles in this episode With movies that interpret the villain of the criminal world In a new way for fall-ups comedians who want to be comedians, get laughter But the environment that made him suffer Until leading to being the one that makes He is said to be the villain that many people still fear.


1.) Her (2013)

In the film he played Theodore, a young man who wrote letters for a career. Which makes him a very sensitive and complex person After divorcing his wife and suffering a heartbreak. He was met with an intelligent operating system. This is the beginning of the relationship. Until finally a new kind of love is born