Knew “Joaquin Phoenix ” before becoming “Joker”

“Joaquin Phoenix,” the quality actor who plays “Arthur Fleck” or later becomes “Joker”, the deadliest clown. Perpetual rival of “The Dark Knight” Batman in the new original DC side, which hopes to revive the faith that is much leaning towards Marvel

Before we go to the history And the way of Joaquin life Would like to add a little more to the movie “Joker” Whether it was an “original” movie or a character origin movie This is not about the DCEU movies (DC Extended Universe) in which “Jared Leto” plays the Joker.

By the Joaquin version Will be just a movie in itself Tell the story before Arthur Fleck became the Joker with “Todd Phillips,” director of the hilarious Hangover trilogy that has been adapted to make some serious movies. We will have a look at this version at the beginning of October this year.