“Phoenix” family and the beginning

“Joaquín” is his original name since his birth. In a family with five siblings, a brother named “River”, a sister named “Rain” and two younger sisters “Liberty” and “Summer”. Missionary Travel to teach religion in different countries So he was born in Puerto Rico in 1974, in addition to the Caribbean where he was born. He was also attached to his family in many South American countries during his youth.

Originally, Joaquín family was named “Botthom” and he was born in this family. But when his parents had quit missionary Has changed a new surname to “Phoenix”, which means rebirth. According to the definition of the phoenix as we know it The youngster had his full name “Joaquín Phoenix” ever since he was little. And moved to Los Angeles when he was 4 years old, which was the beginning of his later entry into the Maya world.

The Botthom family, who later changed their surname to “Phoenix”.
Little girl from the Phoenix family It started with singing and dancing. And perform shows from a small place Before meeting with an agent Which began to find a way for them to have the opportunity to play small children in TV series, especially the older brother, “River” who looks handsome He made his short acting debut at the age of 12-13 and it was up to the queue that Joaquín had the opportunity to be invited to join the drama that his brother played. He chose to use the name “Liv-Phoenix” after a name he had set himself playing since the age of 6.

River Phoenix (right), the eldest brother, who started his career before his younger brother.

Joaquín, who used his industry name “Liv Phoenix,” at the age of 12 in the movie SpaceCamp.
The youngster “Leaf” began his dramatic role in the movie “SpaceCamp” at the age of 12, with 3-4 more chapters before he got an important job at age 15 in “Parenthood. Directed “Ron Howard” with a young “Keanu Reeves” starring. Which although the movie is a comedy But receiving praise from many critics, the name ‘Leaf’ started to catch the eye. Because he was also nominated for the best child star award at that time